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“I am a former commercial mortgage lender that you have helped retire a little earlier than expected. This is allowing my wife and I to travel the globe and see things I never imagined I would see.”

“[This publication’s] ideas and specific picks have added to my overall financial comfort.”

“As soon as I see an alert or a new letter or whatever with [Matthew’s] name on it, I read it immediately.”

“Matthew has helped us out so many times, it is hard to count them all. I very seriously consider every one of his recommendations, even if I can’t quite understand them. Thanks so much.”

“I am extremely happy with your thoughtful analysis. I made $25,700 in one year and another $29,000 on top of that. Keep up the good work.”

I’ve added $33,200 to my retirement fund. This will allow for more contributions to my grandchildren’s college plans.”

“The Oxford Club provides me with investment peace of mind. I am up $74,815!

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